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    Casualties of the Kaotic_Nature Operation

    Dragon Claw

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    Re: Casualties of the Kaotic_Nature Operation

    Post  AKknight on Fri 3 Sep - 20:07

    I agree with gigantor 100%. Pony -up people and quit being wishy washy we made a move within the OG. stand behind the decision that was made. They are lucky to get property back at all. If we compensate people here I will lose respect for this organization..

    --you don't see us rearming terrorists in real life for good reason

    p.s. I notice that members of Kaos have a higher security level then me. I will bear that in mind as we go to field armies against phoenix.

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    Re: Casualties of the Kaotic_Nature Operation

    Post  siknin on Fri 3 Sep - 20:20

    AKknight wrote:

    p.s. I notice that members of Kaos have a higher security level then me. I will bear that in mind as we go to field armies against phoenix.


    Please undestand the reformatting this forum has taken a considerable amount of time and not all players have been moved into their proper position..the only player in the commanders section from k_N is kaos....please post a thread in the advance to commanders forum found at the bottom of the officers forum. once justin approves you i will advance you.

    Here is the link:

    thanks for understanding

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    Mercy for the Young

    Post  darkjustice on Sat 4 Sep - 7:15

    This forum was built for Dragons to help Dragons come PvP time. This organizations sole purpose is to further the chances of assuring Dragon victory vs. the Phoenix. If that is the true purpose of the forum/council, you have failed in every aspect. Regardless of the "evidence" you claim to have on Kaos, you still attacked multiple innocent players. You caused loss of troops and a lot of players to quit. You attacked new players who haven't even had a chance to get on their feet and claim that they're terrorists and dont "deserve" reimbursement for your "cohesive" and "coordinated" attack. Lets call a spade a spade here, Kaos offended someone and the big boys got together and wanted to pick a fight. I've been with KN for a long time now and Kaos has done nothing but help new members grow armies and attack alleged Phoenix spies from the orders of this very own Council.

    You might intimidate players with your large armies, but it is the duty of the strong to protect and tutor the weak... not to embelish in their power. If Kaos was a traitor and you had proof, there were numerous of non-violent and peaceful ways it could have been handled. The use of force and cowardice of the ambush that was used was despicable. Yet members of our alliance still are loyal Dragons and stay the course. Own up to your actions and make things right... atleast for the young players who dont even know whats going on.

    I dont know any of you, but I do know that Kaos, Kapers, Sven and a lot of our older members speak of you guys in high regard. I respect that and the fact that all of you once were a family. Stick up for what you know in your heart is true - HoG, Ascension, Legit Krew and all of those who were once tied in with KN. We either stand together or die alone.

    KN has been around for a very long time, long before I started and will be around long after I stop. If he was/is a traitor, then your intelligence really isn't credible as you've let too much time pass to take action. My loyalty is to KN and to Kaos and to the Dragons, I carry no malice towards the recent ambush and simply ask that you help the young players stay the course and build their armies so they can support our efforts vs. the Phoenix in the future. Discouraging them and forcing them to quit, is going to blow up in our face. I will however add that you might be able to take all our counties, but guerilla warfare will be used to cause a lot of distruption to any player that picks on us again without just cause. You will beat us I'm sure... but I promise it will cost you many troops, gems and hours of aggravation that will come throughout the course of months. Its not about just attacking the SC..

    One could also argue, that there is a Phoenix spy deep within your organization which created this "ambush" and controversy within the Dragon faction. Just check to see how many people are outraged and upset... including myself who from day 1 only has focused on building armies for PvP... If you guys want to unite us and lead us in the war, please do it as true leaders would.... through wisdom and leadership, not by threats or fear.

    I'm surely going to get yelled at by Kaos, Nyarla and Kapers for this post, but I had to get it off my chest. I'm going back to training for Pvp and building my armies, I hope to be fighting besides all of you in the future rather than vs.

    Widespread Panic

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    Re: Casualties of the Kaotic_Nature Operation

    Post  siknin on Sat 4 Sep - 8:55

    I respect your opinions and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I tend to agree to a certain extent that some players should possibly be reviewed for support in rebuilding their armies and I know that others are bound to disagree....however I do feel that both parties are at fault to specific degrees in this matter progressing beyond the intended targets of the operation. I would personaly be willing to review the members you feel need to be considered for compensation however I personally can not justify all parties involved be compensated as the operation we escalated as a direct result from kaos and kaotic natures actions during a cease fire agreement.

    Darkjustice you obviously have a strong mind and show concern for the advancement of our faction. I would like for you to help me and I know nyarl has been keeping records according to his previous posts of the players that you both feel need additional support.

    I do know that most all battles resulted in next to nothing losses in troops and in reality both parties spent equal health as a result of this conflict. I personally don't feel that health recoupment is fair but it is not up to me to decide as this matter concerns all parties involved in the operation.

    I do know that in the case a member is a true newbie and took significant loss to their advancement as a dragon from the operation that they should be considered for additional support. I know that many of the members who executed this operation have billions of troops and in the case that a rookie has lost a significant proportion of their army they very well may qualify for partial compensation of their losses. --- once again this is my personal opinion.

    I would ask that any member who feels they are a candidate for this consideration post a reply to this thread and we will be glad to review it. I know that as of this point most all who have posted have received all of their properties back and the only state capital I am aware of that the Og still holds is that of kaos.
    Knights of Liberty

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    Re: Casualties of the Kaotic_Nature Operation

    Post  Death-Dealer on Sat 4 Sep - 10:02

    We have said numerous times that it could have been handled
    better and have changed the way we will handle it in the future and our seeking input from member Alliances to make it even better. I
    personally feel with hindsight being 20/20 if koas was presented the
    opportunity to speak it would of swayed some of us to question the Intel and
    look at it from a different perspective. We initially had preplanned targets that
    included a few players close to Kaos and it got out of control when two KN
    members attacked during the cease-fire causing an all KN owned properties to be taken opened up. You could say hey the players just logged on
    retaliated on their own did not know what was going on or went rouge but then
    why were they admitted back into the alliance? Most Officers Guild members follow
    the tactic or strategy of take back what was taken and at most the counties
    that they attacked from. Contact your command and precede with dialogue by having
    a general above contact the attacking parties command. They inflamed an already
    heated situation and share part of the blame on any that were not on the
    initial list being attacked. I would also like to point out that some of the Kn
    command knew the attacks were coming and
    allegations of Kaos's alleged treasonous action and chose to sit on it 24hrs in
    advance of the attack. In retrospect they must of thought that the information we
    provided was not sufficient proof but they had to have thought he could be
    capable of it knowing he was going to be attacked and select members of kn. We
    all agree that it was not handled as well as it could have been and hurt
    dragons as whole. We have gone back and forth over the issue and can continue
    dwelling on it or we can move forward in preparing for the birds. I personally
    have garnered a lot of respect for Koatic nature and Koas on how they have held
    there head up high throughout this ordeal but it is time to move forward and work
    on improving how we can handle future issues to the betterment of all dragons not fighting over how much should
    be given out or compensated.

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    Re: Casualties of the Kaotic_Nature Operation

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